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Essential Behavioral Health Billing Guidelines

Behavioral health billing can be a complex and time-consuming task for healthcare organizations. However, it is essential for your organization’s financial health and sustainability. Our guide will discuss important behavioral health billing guidelines, common pitfalls to avoid, and tips for improving your billing process and reducing denials. Why Is Behavioral Health Billing Important for Your […]

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What Modifiers Are Used for Behavioral Health Billing? 

Modifiers are used in healthcare billing to indicate a procedure or type of service provided in addition to an evaluation and management service or to identify the level of a provider. A modifier code is typically two characters (numbers or letters) that are added to the procedure codes in the claim. Modifiers in behavioral health […]

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Electronic Billing for Behavioral Health; How to Leverage Technology 

Technology provides an advantage for behavioral health organizations to streamline processes, engage in best practices, and improve patient outcomes. Developing efficient processes optimizes an organization’s ability to function. Electronic billing for behavioral health incorporates technology to leverage time and skills, reducing the workload for behavioral health teams. Find out how you can leverage technology to […]

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What to Look For in a Behavioral Health Billing Partner

Whether your goal is to maximize productivity, reduce operational costs, or streamline your billing department, finding the right billing partner can help you succeed. But when choosing an outsourced billing partner, there are important things to consider.  The Benefits of Working with a Behavioral Health Billing Partner There are several advantages to outsourcing your behavioral […]

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How to Maximize Revenue With Behavioral Health Billing Services

Behavioral health covers numerous treatment services for people who suffer from mental health conditions or addiction. Psychiatrists, psychologists, and other mental health specialists undergo extensive training to assess and diagnose complex conditions and implement plans of care. The distinct nuances of billing for behavioral health create variabilities that do not occur in the medical billing […]

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