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CIGNA’s New CRNA Payment Policy Adds Fuel To The Fire

BY KATHERINE BOWLES, RN, ESQ. Hanson Bridgett LLP, Los Angeles, CA This following article describes the Provider Non-Discrimination Law, its potential violation by CIGNA in approximately 36 states and the legal battle that could potentially ensue. THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT’S ANTIDISCRIMINATION LAW: AN OVERVIEW Since January 2012, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has prohibited insurance […]

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Presurgical Clinics: A Growing Strategy for Anesthesia Practices

BY RITA ASTANI, MBA President of Anesthesia, Coronis Health, Jackson, MI Over the years, anesthesia groups have investigated certain strategies—beyond standard anesthesia services—to enhance their revenue opportunities. There has been the widespread incorporation of acute pain services, additions of a chronic pain component, the seeking of new places of service and experimenting with ketamine clinics. […]

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Friendly Physician Models: The Basics Through Five Frequently Asked Questions

KATHRYN HICKNER, ESQ. Brennan Manna & Diamond, LLC, Cleveland, OH           During the past several years, many health law practices have noticed a dramatic increase in the number of telehealth businesses and private equity-backed healthcare providers. Both of these trends often rely heavily on corporate structures commonly referred to as “friendly physician,” “captive PC” or “MSO” […]

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More Bad News For the Company Model and its Sponsors

BY MARK F. WEISS, JD The Mark F. Weiss Law Firm, Dallas, TX, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, CA “Everyone is doing it” is no more of a defense to a federal Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS) violation, than the fact that dozens of people are selling crack on street corners is a defense to drug charges. […]

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Surgeons are Critical Anesthesia Stakeholders

BY JODY LOCKE, MAVice President of Anesthesia and Pain Practice Management Services Coronis Health, Jackson, MI In many of his presentations to participants at the ASA Practice Management Seminars, Dr. Amr Abouleish often suggested the following three levels of American healthcare. In fact, these were basically his leitmotif for understanding practice management. Healing is an […]

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Overcoming the Challenges of Today

BY TONY MIRA Interim CEO Managing an anesthesia practice in the current environment can be quite challenging, which explains why so many independent practices are either choosing to merge with larger entities or relinquishing their independence to become hospital employees. Given a manpower shortage and the impact of growing Medicare and Medicaid populations, too many […]

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Reducing Adverse Events: Technology Takes Center Stage

BY JUSTIN VAUGHN, MDIV Vice President of Anesthesia Compliance, Coronis Health, Jackson, MI “Do no harm” is seen as the central tenet and prime directive of an oath traditionally taken by physicians since the time of Hippocrates (c. 400 BC). Though this precise phrase is not found in the oldest extant Greek copy (c. AD […]

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