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Anesthesia for Chronic Pain

Summary It is becoming more difficult for anesthesia providers to obtain reimbursement for a chronic pain case. Payer policies have become more stringent and payment more inconsistent. Today’s article dives into the challenges and potential strategies for successful claim submission.  In addition to the anesthesia services many of our clients provide to surgeons and obstetricians, […]

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Defining General Anesthesia: A Moving Target?

Summary For the last several years, anesthesia providers have been able to rely on a clear standard for determining whether or not an anesthesia service should be considered a general anesthetic. That standard may be going away.  It’s something that philologists and etymologists would readily affirm: words and their meaning tend to be a moving […]

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What Makes for an Ideal Relationship Between an Anesthesia Practice and the Hospital Administration?

Summary Not every anesthesia practice has a winning strategy when it comes to the all-important relationship with the hospital. Today’s article addresses the dynamics of that relationship and how anesthesia groups can successfully manage it. Too many anesthesia practices are experiencing a less than collaborative relationship with the administration of the facility where they provide […]

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2024 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule: Impact on Anesthesia

Summary Every November, the federal government issues its physician fee schedule for the following year. The rule for 2024 contains provisions that will impact all specialties. Today’s alert looks at the possible impact the 2024 final rule will have on anesthesia providers, in particular.  The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has released its […]

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Why Anesthesia Practices Should Have an Appropriate Collection Agency

Summary There is a difference between what a billing service can do and what a collection agency can do. There are also differences in agencies. Despite these differences, an anesthesia group must align itself with a collection agency, but it must manage its expectations.  Many anesthesia providers often ask this question: if we have contracted […]

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IDR Fees for Anesthesia Providers: The Latest and Greatest

Summary In response to a recent federal court ruling, HHS and other departments have proposed a new fee amount for accessing the IDR process under the No Surprises Act.  The rollercoaster ride continues. Many of us actually enjoy the ride. The ups and downs and the change in direction and acceleration can be quite thrilling. That’s […]

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Succession Planning for Anesthesia Practices

Summary Regardless of how a medical group’s management is set up and functioning, there is no guarantee those in leadership will remain in place for an extended period. There must be processes in place to find and train the leaders of the future.  Effective management of any medical practice must include three distinct roles, which […]

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Under the Microscope: Anesthesia Giant Sued by Feds

Summary Bigger may not always be better. Sometimes it just makes you the easy target. That’s what one anesthesia “supergroup” has just learned as it finds itself the subject of a federal lawsuit. More importantly, the legal action may have widespread implications for the anesthesia specialty as a whole.  It’s not a pleasant prospect. Being […]

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Why Anesthesia Practices Fail

Summary There are a number of factors that contribute to the success of an anesthesia practice. The same can be said for a practice’s failure. Today’s article looks at these factors and suggests what works best to keep the group afloat. It has been the plan and aspiration of every founder of an anesthesia practice […]

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