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Demystifying AI: Your Friendly Robot Assistant for Streamlined Healthcare Billing and Coding 

Ever feel like you’re drowning in medical codes and tangled in billing complexities? You’re not alone! Healthcare providers nationwide struggle with the ever-changing world of CPT codes and the time-consuming tasks associated with billing and coding. But fear not, there’s a friendly robot assistant waiting to lend a hand – Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Hold on, […]

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Top 5 Medical Billing Mistakes – A Self-Assessment Quiz for Medical Providers 

Test your knowledge and identify areas for improvement in your medical billing process! Answer yes or no to each question.  1. Do you ever encounter situations where claims are denied due to typos or missing information in patient demographics or insurance details?  2. Have you ever been unsure about the correct code to use for […]

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Showing No Deference: Federal Courts Upend Regulatory Power

When in doubt, defer to the experts. That seems reasonable—until you realize that experts often disagree with each other. So, then what do you do? Where possible and if retrievable, go to the original source. And that’s exactly what the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) decided in a game-changing ruling late last month. In a six-to-three […]

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Postoperative Pain Blocks: Taking Another Look

Astrophysicists had it right. Or so they thought. For decades, they held to certain assumptions about the early formation of the universe; but then came along the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), which purportedly allows astronomers to look deeper into the past than what had heretofore been possible. And what the JWST is revealing is […]

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A Medical Morality Play: Senators Take Aim at Private Equity

“Initech is an evil corporation, all right?!” For that matter, “Chotchkie’s is wrong,” as well. If you’re a devotee of the movie Office Space, you’ll get these references. They are the quintessential sentiments and exasperated expressions of those who feel oppressed by the corporate culture, who see big business as inherently bad. There is certainly no […]

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Pre-Authorization Nation: The Growing Challenge for Medical Practices

“Mother, may I?” was the familiar refrain from an old-school children’s game that required obtaining permission before proceeding forward. If you failed to first ask permission, you were sent back to the starting point. Standing in opposition to this concept is the modern meme that says it’s better to act now and apologize later than […]

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Flex Your RN Muscle: Giving Flexibility to Your Nursing Staff

Now that summer is nearly upon us (officially starts June 20), many are giving serious consideration to how they’re going to look in beachwear. A toned body can create the impression of fitness. But to get into that kind of shape, one must be dedicated to a disciplined diet and exercise program. Part of a […]

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Fair Market Value for Anesthesia Practices

The notion of a fair market value (FMV) analysis is very common in real estate. The intent is to determine the price that a reasonable buyer should pay a qualified seller for a property. What does the concept have to do with anesthesia practices? The fact is that CMS guidelines require an FMV to ensure […]

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Medicare to Deny Anesthesia for Facet Injections

The trend continues. At least as it concerns Medicare, times are getting harder for anesthesia providers in the context of pain injection procedures. As you will recall, Medicare published a policy three years ago, advising that anesthesia for facet joint interventions would rarely be reimbursed. The policy was worded thusly: General anesthesia is considered not […]

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