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Why Are We Scared of Auditors?

May 13, 2014

Want a sure fire way to send shivers up anyone’s back? Just tell them that they are going to be audited. Audit is a very scary word to many. We are afraid of getting into trouble. We are afraid they will find that we are doing something wrong. Why are we so scared? Should we be?

Audit as defined by Webster’s dictionary is a formal examination of an organization’s or individual’s accounts or financial situation. It’s an examination, an assessment, a review, verification, not a witch hunt. If we are doing our jobs in a way in which we know we are capable then let the auditors come! Are there really that many of us who don’t have the confidence in ourselves or our organization? How can we shake the jitters out? Try a few of the following and take a look at what shakes out.  

  • Commit to yourself that you will review one of those policies & procedures each month until they have been updated.
  • Perform an internal audit. Choose ten random patients and follow the life of those claims all the way through until the claim is paid correctly.  Where did the process go wrong? Was there a P&P in place? If not, write one! If there was, why didn’t it work?
  • Review any corrective action plans from last year’s audit. Have you taken corrective action?
  • Read your FQHC Medicaid Provider Manual again like it is brand new. Are you following the rules?
  • Go online and print out the latest Medicare Benefit Policy Manual Chapter 13 for FQHCs. It really is fascinating reading.

Don’t let the word or auditors scare you. Spend the whole year convincing yourself that you are as ready as you need to be and I bet you will shine!

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