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AI’s role in healthcare starts small, gets bigger

October 4, 2019


At UPMC, clinicians use predictive analytic tools to help reduce the risk of disease. They’re pursuing narrow but still vital goals like reducing hospitalizations and applying new diagnostic tools that help patients self-manage their own conditions.

UPMC and some other providers see potential in AI helping determine whether a patient’s condition is terminal. That would allow providers to prescribe palliative care rather than treatment.

In other words, smaller goals are better.

“We’ve done ourselves a disservice in propagating the hype around AI,” said Dr. Rasu Shrestha, chief innovation officer at the UPMC system. Shrestha says more palatable uses for AI might come from a use-case perspective rather than placing too grand expectations on AI. “I think we would start to get to the future that we are desiring,” he said.

Shrestha sees AI as being used to augment—rather than completely redefine—healthcare.

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