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7 Tips for Maximizing Your Medical Practice’s ROI

July 22, 2013

increasing medical practice ROIRXMDMarketingSolutions recommends developing a web site for your medical practice as an excellent strategy for attracting new patients. It’s also great for sharing information with your current patients and strengthening your marketing efforts. Integrating your website with related medical sites will improve the usefulness and visibility of your online presence.

Communicating your practice’s specific message to your online community in a clear and meaningful way will bring you the attention you are seeking while enabling you to keep in touch with your patient base.

Here are 7 tips for using your practice’s web site to improve your ROI:


When you are designing your website you won’t get any visitors unless search engines find you. Creating rich content with relevant key words will help get you noticed. Content that educates your patients about health related topics can make your site valuable to many visitors. Linking to popular publications such as those listed in TransforMED’s publication lists will give your site important depth of functionality. On topic links will also improve site ranking.

Patient Testimonials

Providing a platform for your clients to post testimonials about your service can be very rewarding. When clients can specifically speak about how your services have improved their lives, new potential health care customers can review this information and it may be a strong influencing factor in choosing your services.

Patient Portal Integration

Collecting payment is an important part of practice cash flow and having patients keep current cannot be understated. Conducting patient registration online or through a patient integration portal can facilitate timely insurance information specification and lead to timely patient payments. Enabling patients to keep their information current online can save valuable administration time as well.

Social media profile integration

Integrating your site with social media gives thousands of others the chance to put you in the lime light.

Expert Services recommends getting expert services that will help you make your site more effective. You can employ a content writing service to add information rich web pages and blog entries to your site. Professional writers will present relevant and expert articles that will bring you more clients because you offer high quality and detailed health information that they seek. You might also offer a medical blog where content writers contribute to contemporary issues that are hot topics.

Template-based website development can help you get organized with a new website almost immediately. There are thousand pre-designed templates to choose from so you can get the look and feel you want without investing heavily in expert support.

You may want to create a Bilingual site – especially if you have substantial numbers of clientele whose first language is not English. Content writing services can help you find bilingual writers to develop this content.

5. Help Patients Locate Your Practice
Providing your address and integrating Google Maps for quick directions will help your clients to get to your office. If you are near any easy to identify landmarks, it won’t hurt to mention this.

6. After-hours and Urgent Care Information
If you want to have a full service website, don’t neglect to let your patients know what to do if they need medical attention after hours. If you have extended hours, publish this on your site together with nearby urgent care facilities that you wish to recommend.

7. Use direct marketing to promote your website to targeted demographic areas.

Direct marketing techniques such as using post cards can help bring your website the business that you are seeking. With post cards you can target areas with the age group or income level that you are looking for in a client. For example, if you are a pediatrician, you can target areas with higher numbers of young people. Offering discounted check-ups and other special procedures can direct new clients to your site.

Having an effective website will enhance your ROI by bringing new clients to your practice and keeping your current clients loyal. At M-Scribe, we provide medical billing efficiency and can reduce significant operational costs. We work effectively to ensure that you receive complete reimbursement.


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