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10 Key Steps for MIPS 2018

December 19, 2018

The deadline to complete MIPS performance for 2018 is fast approaching. If you’re coming down to the wire, follow these key steps for success.

Step 1: Determine whether MIPS Applies to You

Step 2: Review Available Performance Categories In 2018, MIPS will count your performance in up to four categories. Review the performance categories and identify which categories will have measures that are applicable to your practice.

Step 3: Plan Your MIPS Participation. 2018 is another transition year, CMS still allows a flexible option that we refer to as a “Limited Participation Track.” Under this track, you can still avoid application of a payment penalty in 2020 by achieving a MIPS “Total Score” of at least 15 points.

Step 4: Review your data. Review your past performance in other Medicare quality programs, such as PQRS, the EHR Incentive Program (Meaningful Use), and the Value Based Modifier (VBM).

Step 5: Decide whether to Report as an Individual or a Group (GPRO). Under GPRO all members of the group must use the same measures and penalties or incentives will be applied to the group as a whole. If you are an EC who is part of a group, your group does not have to report under GPRO— the group still has the option of having its eligible clinicians report as individuals.

Step 6: Choose your Reporting Mechanism: Registry/QCDR, Claims, EHR, CMS Web Interface, Attestation

Step 7: Perform or Review a Security Risk Analysis. If you are reporting on the ACI category, you must perform or review a Security Risk Analysis applicable to 2018 to avoid an overall score of zero in that category. Allocate time to address any deficiencies to ensure that you can successfully attest.

Step 8: Report for at Least 90 Days (If Reporting ACI or IA) AND/OR Report for a calendar year (If Reporting Quality)

Step 9: Complete MIPS Performance – CMS DEADLINE: DEC 31, 2018

Step 10: Submit 2018 MIPS Data. Submission due dates will vary by reporting mechanism: for example, the submission deadline is March 1, 2019 for those using the claims reporting option to report quality measures.

If you’re looking for more MIPS resources, click the links below to watch a replay of our MIPS 2018 webinar or download our guide.



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