Coronis Health | Behavioral Health


“The team at Coronis Health has been vital to the growth and expansion of our organization. Tracy, Lisa and the team are always responsive to our needs and go above and beyond to keep our billing on track and our staff trained on the ins and outs of all things billing related. I would highly recommend them as a provider of outstanding billing service along with being individuals with a high level of integrity and a passion for what they do. Our organization would not be here today had we not made the change
to Coronis.”

Cope Hughes
Director of Operations
Natural State Recovery Centers

“We see Coronis Health as a coherent team of specialists working together to unravel the complexities of medical billing in a thorough and systematic way, leaving no stone unturned. Their initiative, communication, and feedback helped us to resolve problems no other company could previously do.”

Vicky Dramaretska
Sunlight Medical

“Coronis Health provides fantastic support for behavioral health billing operations. Their team is always available to help and has a top-notch understanding of their field. I am grateful to have them as a partner.”

Chase Bronfman
Backcountry Wellness

“I wish I could give 10 stars here. We have literally “won the lottery” with finding ReliaBill and Coronis Health. We are a substance use facility that has been through 2 other third party billers in just under 4 years. It’s been excruciatingly difficult. We thoroughly investigated and sought out 2 other companies before choosing ReliaBill and I’m so glad we made the choice we did. Onboarding has as always had it’s challenges but ReliaBill’s team is the “BEST” team I’ve ever worked with. Each and every team member is the best within their scope of practice. The attention to detail is superb. The communication however I believe is the highlight of it all. Not being in even the same state as them could pose significant challenges, but not with this team. Phone calls, emails, Zoom meetings, they use all the tools to communicate and it’s a beautiful thing. They are very prompt and timely in their responses. Any issues that have arisen have been problem solved and promptly handled. I just can’t say enough good things about our experience thus far with them. I highly recommend them!”

Jennifer Beardall
Diamond Tree Detox

“We came to you in our hardest times. You invested a lot of time, effort, and money into us, and helped us to fix problems nobody before you could. One by one, mysteries were solved, and revenue followed. Day after day, we can focus on working with patients (and bringing profit to everyone involved) more and more, thanks to you. We are growing steadily, and I am looking forward to the day when all of us look back and say, ‘Wow, that was a ride!’ and be happy with the results both in the past and the future.” – Thank you.

Vadim Tkachenko

“We’ve been extremely pleased with the handling of our patient billing. The company is very professional , operates swiftly and efficiently. We have been blown away by the access we have to every department as well as the overall communication. I’d highly recommend them to anyone.”

Richard Darden
First Step Recovery

“Very professional and knowledgeable in reference to substance abuse/mental health billing – looking forward to the partnership ongoing.”

Mark Kiker
Sobriety Now

“I have had a great working relationship with ReliaBill. I came on board with Gallus Medical as a Medical Reimbursement Manager; essentially a liaison between Gallus and ReliaBill. What a great partnership it’s been to say the least.

The account manager, Adrienne Robertson has been awesome to work with. It’s a nice feeling to know that even when things fall behind in our crazy world that she is right there to get the ball rolling again. Her good graceful smile and attitude along with facilitation of issues that vary by department is remarkable!!

The rest of her team follows her lead and are also very responsive in a timely manner. I love Ana and Kizzy because they never hesitate to help and go out of their way to get things done. Alex! You are the best, what can I say. I am impressed every time with your skill and support. I know there is a whole team to thank so just know that Coronis Health (ReliaBill) Rocks!!

It’s been a great pleasure working along side a company who is there to help in every way that counts.”

Annette Edgar
Gallus Detox

“A few years ago, I was tasked with the project of getting Penfield Addiction Ministries to the point of accepting insurance. Although we had been in business for almost 40 years, I had no idea where to start with the insurance side, so I found Coronis Health. They helped us every step of the way. They told us exactly what changes needed to be made, what the insurance companies look for, and took care of all the behind-the-scenes paperwork to get us ready. Now, we couldn’t possibly be where we are today without their help. They handle all our verifications, authorizations, billing, UR, etc. There’s no way we could afford to hire someone to do all the work they help us with. Everyone with the company has been friendly and understanding with all my many questions. We deeply value our partnership with Coronis Health and look forward to many years ahead.”

Drew Metzger
Penfield Addiction Ministries

“Coronis Health (d.b.a. Reliabill) does an outstanding job of providing billing and utilization review services for our agency, Penfield Addiction Ministries. They continuously communicate with us and provide us with the data and related information necessary for us to proactively and correctly maximize our income from health insurance while complying with numerous regulatory authorities. We highly recommend their services.”

Michael Walker
Penfield Addiction Ministries

“We cannot imagine working with a Billing team more dedicated and knowledgeable than the team at Coronis Health. As a new business, Twin Branch Wellness & Recovery for Women has relied heavily on the team at Coronis to be patient and understanding. Their patience since first engaging with us more than a year ago, tops the charts. The team at Coronis Health is dedicated to prompt communications and knowledgeable solutions. Their performance has not waivered from the beginning. Top Notch! We are lucky to be partnered with such a professional and results oriented team!”

Amy Harvey
Twin Branch Wellness & Recovery

“I highly recommend this company! Overall great service. Victoria R is absolutely the best! She goes above and beyond obtaining authorizations and getting the needed time for clients to truly have a fighting chance in recovery. She is great.”

Nora Jenkins
Harmony Grove

“Our company has worked with ReliaBill for over 2 years and they have been a great partner. They have knowledgeable staff, very attentive and helpful as well. It was a joy to work with them. I would recommend them to other colleagues in our industry as one of the top RCM companies out there. Thank you Reliabil for all you’ve done!”

André Bahbah
Evolve Growth Initiatives

“Reliabill has been an absolute game changer for CROSSROADS. Tracy and her team are the ultimate professionals. We appreciate their hard work and attention to detail. Thanks for all you do ReliaBill!!!”

Joe Peterson
Crossroads, Inc.

“We are very happy to have found ReliaBill. Our agency was struggling with denied claims for our more complicated billings, and we were writing off thousands of dollars in revenue each month. We have tried other billing agencies to assist us.”

Susie Mills

“The company I work for has been using Reliabill for years!! The amount of effort and care for our company’s success, has made it such a great partnership. Getting to know their employees all the way to the top of management, feels like they…”

Justin Dixon
Malibu Detox

“Incredible company that values relationships over nickel and diming you. They understand that by helping you succeed, they too succeed. Very lucky to have them as they are experts and a wealth of knowledge. If your company bills in the Behavioral Health sectors, this company is your go to!”

Elliott Smith
The Ohana Retreat

“As a growing medical practice specializing in stand alone, inpatient medical detox services, our choice of a billing partner was essential to our success in growing our business. The ReliaBill team has been instrumental in helping us open our second clinic and optimize our insurance relationships and reimbursement.”

Doug Weiss
Gallus Detox

“We are so thankful to partner with such an wonderful organization. Tracy and her team have been amazing. The communication and willingness of her staff to always help and be available is what makes this partnership work so well.”

Tammy Wilson
Crossroads, Inc.


I work with Hawaii Island Recovery as the Director of Admissions and Utilization Review; i’d like to take a moment to talk about my experience with the team.”

Kevin Deeds
Hawaii Island Recovery

“We have used multiple Billing companies and ReliaBill is by far the best out there! Tracy is the epitome of doing what’s right. Thanks to their help, we’ve grown to bring all of Billing in-house, but we’ll take comfort in knowing they’re always a call away.”

Kirk Kirkpatrick
Riverside Recovery of Tampa

“The staff at Reliabill is amazing. They can handle any situation that you give them with ease and perfection. If you are looking for a great billing company dont look further….”

Sandi Becker
Transformations by the Gulf

“We’re a new treatment program and everyone we have dealt with at ReliaBill – especially Vicky R, Ana, and Rosemary – has gone above and beyond to help us navigate the tricky insurance system. Thank you!”

Audrey Smith
Huntsville Recovery

“Absolutely excellent team! High level attention-to-detail, as well as knowledge, skills, and abilities that are second to none.”

Cyrus Martin
Ethos Behavior

“Great company and even better people. Highly recommend.”

Robert Stempler
Malibu Detox

“Seriously you guys really did an amazing job getting us up and rolling in record time! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m very grateful for you and your team!”

Kathleen Delgado
South Miami Recovery
Miami, FL

“When we first opened our clinic our first billing company was a disaster. At the end of 2016, we were facing imminent bankruptcy, and had to make a number of changes to our program, including our billing company. We found Coronis Health, and Tracy, and had an instant great relationship. We have developed a personal relationship with Tracy, and she has personally made sure to handle any concerns that we have had in the past 3.5 years. Their team is amazing.”

Kevin O’Grady

“As a growing medical practice specializing in stand alone, inpatient medical detox services, our choice of a billing partner was essential to our success in growing our business. The Coronis team has been instrumental in helping us open our second clinic and optimize our insurance relationships and reimbursement.”

Doug Weiss

“Coronis Health goes above and beyond any UR specialist! We have seen less peer 2 peer or step-downs prior to the clinical decision and they help us advocate for the highest levels of care and appropriate lengths of stay. Coronis Health provides a detailed revenue management services from UR, to coding, to billing/claims and we are grateful to have them as our Hawaii Island Recovery Ohana members! Thank you Coronis!”

Kevin Deeds
Director of Admissions and Utilization Review

“Coronis Health is efficient and accurate plus we got more authorized days after switching billers.”

Tammy Cate
CEO, Transformations By The Gulf
Petersburg, FL

“I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your team and responsiveness to inquiries. The UR and SCA process is going so much more smoothly than it has in the past.”

Ashley Steelman
MA, MSW, Prosperity Wellness And Recovery
Charlottesville, VA

“Very professional and knowledgeable in reference to substance abuse/mental health billing – looking forward to the partnership ongoing.”

Mark Kiker