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Substance Abuse Treatment Center Medical Billing Services

Substance abuse treatment centers are designed to help individuals recover from addiction and substance use disorders - not handle challenging medical billing and coding issues. Every service has a business side of operations that can either help or hurt your organization. 

Billing varies by industry, and even within medical billing, there are variations in services and protocols. Outsourcing medical billing to a vendor with expert behavioral health and substance abuse billing knowledge may improve your revenue cycle and free up your time to focus on your patients.

Coronis is a global revenue cycle management company that specializes in healthcare solutions by utilizing industry-leading technology and high-touch relationship building. Our services help all types of healthcare providers and facilities achieve financial success, including substance abuse treatment centers.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Treatment Center’s Medical Billing Services

Outsourcing your medical billing services isn’t just a practical business decision that benefits your organization; it also helps your staff and patients. Simplify medical billing by outsourcing to an expert and take advantage of the plethora of potential advantages outsourcing offers.

Increased Profits

Nearly all of a treatment center’s profit comes from billing. Outsourcing ensures billing is handled quickly and accurately, so that revenue comes into the organization faster. Increased profits can then be put back into the organization for growth and improved patient care.

Reduced Staff Turnover and Increased Satisfaction

Medical billing is a time-consuming commitment that can overwhelm providers and staff. If staff members are juggling medical billing and other regular duties, it can lead to mistakes, burnout, and unsatisfied staff that leave for a less burdensome position. Outsourcing medical billing makes the already significant workload lighter for employees.

Improved Patient Focus

Sometimes medical billing can come between a provider and a patient. Office staff may overlook new patients or other patient-related tasks while dealing with medical billing. When clinicians are shouldering the billing responsibility themselves, it can take away from quality care. Outsourcing medical billing puts the patient where they belong—as the top priority for your center.

How to Choose the Right Medical Billing Services for Your Treatment Center

Laws, rules, and regulations that impact substance abuse treatment centers can change anytime, making it difficult to stay profitable without outsourcing expert assistance. It is essential to avoid short-term solutions for long-term problems when looking at your organization’s growth and quality. Many substance abuse centers need billing and coding expertise to decrease denial rates and increase reimbursements. Substance abuse treatment centers may be unaware of the services that could improve their operations and key performance indicators that demonstrate their success. Don’t forget to consider:

  • Clean claim rates
  • Denial tracking
  • DSO calculations 
  • Payment waterfall metrics
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Coronis Health can assess your organization and recommend services to maintain financial independence and cultivate financial success. Our services and processes are transparent to your organization, so you can feel comfortable letting go of the operational processes and confident in your future success.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Outsourcing Your Medical Billing Services

Medical billing is a demanding and often troublesome task that can overshadow your organization. There are unique challenges to keep in mind when it comes to substance abuse billing. Unlike standard medical billing, the treatment protocols are not always as straightforward. Factors like pre-authorizations and coverage limits can affect your ability to collect from payers. Education about the various nuances of substance abuse billing can strengthen your organization and help you avoid common pitfalls.

Don’t Generalize

When it comes to outsourcing medical billing, especially substance abuse medical billing, a general vendor is not the way to go. Substance abuse facilities should outsource to an industry expert that understands unique behavioral health billing codes and protocols. Choose a company with a deep knowledge of substance abuse billing procedures and any challenges that can arise.

Coronis Health has a team of behavioral health billing experts with experience in substance abuse medical billing. Our team members hold appropriate credentials and adhere to state laws to ensure your organization gets the services necessary for success.

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Ensure Privacy and Protection Procedures

Ensure the company you outsource with meets billing compliance standards by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Office of Inspector General (OIG). Nothing is more important than patient and organization privacy when handling personal data. Compliance also means safe operations for your facility without the risk of penalties or other action.

Transparency is Key

Seek a company that offers reports with updated information and metrics to help you understand and manage your organization. Medical billing is key to substance abuse treatment centers’ success but is only one moving part of the business. Coronis ensures transparency in your entire revenue cycle so you can stay on top of decisions that lead to growth and success.

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Coronis Health works with many prominent Substance Use treatment facilities nationwide serving adult and adolescent populations rendering inpatient and outpatient levels of care. Our experience and global capabilities means we are able to handle a variety of facilities.

A combined 63.8 million adults 18 and older in the United States had either a substance use disorder or a mental illness in the past year. One in 12 adults had a substance use disorder and 1 in 5 adults had a mental illness in the past year. About 12% of these adults (7.9 million) experienced both a substance use disorder and a mental health issue. This is known as having a co-occurring behavioral health disorder. (Source: SAMHSA 2020)

Our behavioral health services allow substance abuse treatment centers to rely on maximum billing and collections. It is a unique industry in healthcare and Coronis has specialized services and solutions. Our experience and technology can help substance abuse treatment centers expand revenue and focus on exceptional patient care.

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