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Financial Analysis & Reporting

In today’s environment, solid reporting that can assist managers in making better decisions is the lifeblood of every business.

But it all starts with the data, along with the right tools to gather, analyze and utilize it. Do you have the expertise and technology required to run a billing and collections unit? For many managers, the answer is “no.” That’s where we come in. Coronis Health’s best of the best can not only improve collection rates (we guarantee it!), but we can help you navigate the convulsive waters of the current billing environment.

Coronis Health’s Power Reporting Makes The Difference

Our POWER REPORTING not only guarantees higher collection rates, it also provides the information and technology that helps you run your business. Coronis supplies more and deeper information and puts it at your fingertips so you can be awarded extra treatment and more days of treatment.

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Reports From Any Angle

We can create reports that give you visibility into every aspect of your business. From monthly summary overviews to precise forecasting and predictive modeling to payment posting and average amount of claims paid. However you’d like to look at your business. Want to see the percentage of claims paid this month?

Or take a look at how much you billed and collected vs. what your counterparts billed and collected? Or take a quick look at the success rate of your re-submitted claims? Or how about a look at reimbursement rates for facilities, by payor, by state? Any angle, any data, we can show you.

How About a Free Consultation?

Let us review your current VOB authorization, billing, collection, and utilization review diagram at no cost to you. We’ll come back with a specific report tailored to you with recommendations, good, bad, or ugly.