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Facility Credentialing

At Coronis Health, we take credentialing seriously.

Credentialing, the process of becoming listed in the payor databases so you can quickly get paid, is critical and often complex for treatment facilities. We’ve made consulting an entire department and loaded it with seasoned staff who have relationships with payors nationwide. Our goal is to manage every step of the process to achieve the fastest and largest payment possible. For new facilities, when cash is tight, we get the dollars flowing quickly. And we can ensure out-of-network credentialing is completed accurately for all major payors and state-specific plans.

In-Network Credentialing

Coronis can also assist you with in-network credentialing, query panel openings, and file applications, and, if accepted, help negotiate rates.

The 7 Common Credentialing Mistakes:

  • Legal Name and DBA list on the Tax EIN letter do not match the state license
  • Legal Name is different on the Tax EIN letter
  • Facility is registered with FL Blue 3-digit, but had not secured the 5-digit pin (a must for Mental Health)
  • Rendering provider is not registered with insurance carrier
  • NPPES: must reflect the correct legal name and DBA
  • NPPES: must list the correct taxonomy
  • Insurance carrier is missing the Tax ID and NPI in their system
coronis health doctor working on facility credentialing

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