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Coronis Health’s goal is 100% customer service and satisfaction. We dedicate our efforts to provide our clients in making sound insurance billing and utilization review decisions.

Our exceptional service is personalized to our customers’ needs and requirements.​ We work to solve your receivables problems to maximize revenue for all substance abuse, mental health, and lab facilities nationwide.

Our Advantages

  • Advanced, proprietary electronic claims processing
  • The best-of-the-best in medical billing
  • Full transparency
  • Immediate payment posting
  • Comprehensive pre-transmission auditing to ensure error-free claims
  • Secondary claims filing
  • UB04 and HCFA-1500 claim submission for facilities and providers
  • Scheduled, recurrent follow-up on all claims
  • Customized reports based on your need: daily, weekly, or monthly
  • In network fee negotiations and single case agreements
  • Monthly patient statements
  • Fully licensed UR Staff
  • KIPU Certified Gold Biller
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Additional Services

  • ReliaFund CashFlow
  • Receivables Collection Service
  • Coronis Lockbox
  • QuickBooks Posting Service

Improving Your Bottom-Line: Policy Review

How’s your insurance policy? Does it lead to “dirty claims?” Claims that will not get paid? After all, we understand that your financial health is only as good as your policy. So we’ll take a look at your policy’s entire history, examining every claim. We can assist in getting you the policy that gets you what you need for your specific needs. As a full-service company, we’ve handled more than 20,000 successful admissions and more than 14,000 VOBs.

Aged / Dead Receivables Collection Service

There’s gold in your old, tired, dead, and aged receivables. Coronis Health’s Aged Receivables Collection Service has proven that, time after time. Working from years of experience, Coronis’ Gold Finders will sift through your aged receivables, those more than 100 days old and up to 365 days old. We will not only fight payers for payment but also invoice patients for co-pays, deductibles, and other amounts due, including cases where the policy was “Direct Pay to Patient” where you were not paid. Our legal collections department will even place legal collections efforts when appropriate and authorized by you.

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There’s nothing for you to do. If you use the KIPU® EMR, we will obtain all proof of treatment, statements of medical necessity, and even clinical records where needed for third party reviews. And it’s essentially free. You only pay us when we succeed. If we collect nothing, we cost nothing. Simply provide Coronis Health collection professionals with your aged receivables run. If it’s in CollabMD, we will harvest it ourselves. Just request a login for us from your billing company for CollabMD.

Then, if you are a KIPU® EMR user, provide us a login, and we can harvest all clinical information needed for third party reviews or insurance company reconsideration. We also access any financial responsibility forms, guarantees, or promissory notes signed by patients or guarantors. Then we’re off. We do all the work and only get paid for successes. If we don’t collect anything, we don’t cost anything.

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Maximize Your Collections Today

Let us review your current VOB Authorization, Billing, Collection, and Utilization Review Diagram at no cost to you. We’ll come back with a specific report tailored to you with recommendations, good, bad, or ugly.