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Benefits Verification

Coronis’ professional VOB staff works when the insurance companies are available, Monday-Friday, 8AM-8PM ET.  The Coronis Health VOB team prefers to speak to a live agent in the Benefits Department to get the latest and accurate information on a patient's policy.  While there are faster and easier one line tools available, we take the time to call on each request as we know your Intake or Admissions team relies on accurate data to make an informed admissions decision.

Introduction to VOB (Verification of Benefits)

Coronis Health’s VOB (Verification of Benefits) service provides your admission staff with the fastest, easiest way to obtain a VOB on potential patients. Coronis’ VOB process is tailored to your program with an easy initiation of request for your staff through:

  • MOBILE DEVICE: Coronis’ electronic portal is fully optimized for mobile devices. Your staff can initiate a VOB request right on their tablet or smartphone, and even take a photo of the insurance card for immediate uploading to the Coronis electronic VOB portal.
  • DESKTOP/LAPTOP PORTAL: Coronis’ electronic portal accepts requests from admissions, marketing, customer service, or other staff members directly inside the Coronis electronic portal, again with the ability to photograph or scan the insurance card, if available.
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The old saying “Time is Money” rings true in handling your VOB requests. That’s why our cycle time is fine-tuned to get you the fastest possible VOB that you can act on.

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How It Works

  • Our VOB team alerts you to requests taking longer than usual due to excessive hold time or system issues.
  • Once your request is submitted, it is routed to one of our professional VOB agents, with preference given to the same agent being favored for insurance companies. This way, the same person is always speaking to the same companies, developing a greater understanding of how each company operates.
  • Our VOB manager watches your request on our electronic dashboard as it speeds through the process, with red flags or tickle reminders if your request remains in the process for too long, ensuring you the fastest possible response.

Coronis’ professional VOB staff takes it from there, and we work when the insurance company Benefits Department works, typically 8AM to 8PM pending the time zone. All in all, the Coronis Health VOB system is the fastest, easiest way for you to get benefits verification on your potential patient.

We advise you when policy is Paid to Patient, so that you can obtain the proper paperwork to ensure you are paid, such as guarantees or promissory notes. In this case, all required guarantees, promissory notes, and other documents are conveniently available in our electronic portal or in the KIPU EMR.

How About A FREE Consultation?

Let us review your current VOB Authorization, Billing, Collection, and Utilization Review Diagram at no cost to you. We’ll come back with a specific report tailored to you with recommendations, good, bad, or ugly.