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Account Management

Our professional team will prepare a comprehensive analysis of each patient’s benefits situation, while our utilization review experts will arrange for extended stay and high-level care.

Our broad scope of follow-up will handle any issue that may arise. It is through this deep partnership that we can deliver our complete set of services, integrating smoothly with your staff.

Our business is based on the maximum collection. That means every claim. In the unlikely event a claim is underpaid or denied, our team re-evaluates and checks every detail, then re-submits. We will always recover the maximum amount. That is our commitment to every one of our clients. Our service is unmatched in the industry.

High-Touch Account Management

Coronis Health is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest-quality medical billing and patient management solutions. Our Behavioral Health service group specializes in the Mental Health and Substance Abuse communities and has developed the industry’s most advanced technology to streamline the process of revenue flow management. In the hands of our experienced professionals, this technology can achieve results that few others can rival. With decades of experience, we are trusted thought leaders in the industry.

We work to help inform government officials and the leaders of the nation’s largest Mental Health and Substance Abuse organizations on the current movements in benefits, insurance reimbursement, and clinical management.

While our technology is unmatched, it is our people that make the true difference. Each member of our team is first and foremost a patient advocate.

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How About a Free Consultation?

Let us review your current VOB authorization, billing, collection, and utilization review diagram at no cost to you. We’ll come back with a specific report tailored to you with recommendations, good, bad, or ugly.