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Revenue Cycle Management

Anesthesiology procedures and practices are very susceptible to audits due to their complex billing practices. The coding, billing, and time factors are oftentimes the main concerns for Medicare audits, potentially resulting in the aggressive government investigation and clampdown on funds allegedly used inappropriately.

For over two decades, the experts at Coronis Health have been working with anesthesiologists in small or large groups. Coronis Health provides certified coders and medical billing specialists who are experienced in anesthesiology billing with all the nuances it entails.

coronis health medical anesthesiology rcm worker using a tablet

Anesthesiology is not exempted from the watchful eye of medical auditors. Multiple recurring issues have been cited by several medical auditors citing the most common problem areas for anesthesiology billing procedures. Anesthesiology billing suffers the same billing problems that other medical billing procedures have. Improper billing procedures are either influenced by perspective, neglect, and in some cases, fraud.

Medical billing is incorrectly regarded as a subjective form of billing, where medical professionals can charge depending on the procedures performed, the instruments and equipment used, and the approximate length of time spent with the patient. Anesthesiology medical billing is an objective procedure that has a set of guidelines to close the margin for error to a minimum.

Anesthesia RCM & Claim Management

  • Early identification and tracking of self-pay accounts
  • Electronic claim & remittance processing
  • Insurance verification
  • Concurrency coding and tracking
  • Unparalleled claim tracking & collection follow up
  • Line item posting
  • Unlimited charges, payments & adj. tracking by the provider, site, code, surgeon, zip, ICD, etc.
  • Lockbox receipt protection
  • Electronic access links to your hospital
  • Secure & protected electronic archiving of records

Revenue Cycle Optimization & Reporting

  • Accounts Receivable Management & aging
  • Expected vs. actual payment
  • Underpay monitoring and follow-up resolution
  • Payer mix analysis
  • Payment punctuality by the payer
  • Provider productivity reporting
  • Case volumes and trending
  • Demographic trending
  • Revenue projections and opportunities
  • Executive “Report Cards” and management reporting
coronis health group of four anesthesiologists revenue cycle management
coronis health anesthesiology medical biller working at laptop

Advanced & Unlimited RCM Reporting Capabilities

  • Complete database transparency & access
  • Unlimited ad-hoc & custom ad-hoc database

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