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EMR/Tech Integration

Behind every successful medical practice is a robust practice management and medical billing software apparatus. 

Coronis Health works with practices to help them select the best platform for their needs while helping maximize productivity and boosting the bottom line. Because we’re tech innovators with global capabilities, we are intimately familiar with all major EMR software. We execute the coding, then our billing and collections team gets to work. We’re so confident in our billing and coding abilities that we are fully transparent.

What is EMR Integration?

Industries constantly adopt new technologies, and healthcare is no exception. Electronic medical records (EMR) technology, for instance, has become a vital component of healthcare services. However, EMR technology not only requires the proper setup but IT expertise to fully optimize it for hospitals, facilities, and other healthcare organizations. EMR needs to be integrated with the existing programs and applications that medical professionals, technologists, and administrative staff currently use.

EMR integration ensures that hospitals and medical practices achieve better organization and efficiency by streamlining all patient information in one place. EMR integration allows for a seamless flow of healthcare data, such as a patient’s personal information, medical history (allergies, medications, diagnosis, etc.), and test results from one facility to another. This means that a network of hospitals can easily access and exchange patient data among member hospitals digitally through a single platform.

The Importance of EMR Integration

Healthcare organizations produce overwhelming quantities of sensitive data that are critical to any patient’s diagnosis, treatment, and associated outcomes. Hospitals and facilities that integrate EMR software into their healthcare systems don’t just gain the ability to store patient records but enable an efficient way to access, manage, and retrieve patient data. 

Since medical practitioners can readily access data whenever needed, hospitals and other facilities can eliminate physical paperwork, thereby reducing charting mistakes and cutting down costs associated with errors and manual data entry. EMR integration, therefore, allows for increased efficiency and organization, improved coordination between physicians and patients, and better patient care.

What does “Full Transparency” mean? 

It means you see what we see. Every spreadsheet and piece of data is yours to look over. We don’t hide our data behind fancy reports and buzz words. You see the nitty-gritty. We help you navigate through the data to make the best decision for your practice’s financial future.

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Benefits of a Robust EMR Medical Billing Software

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EMR integration benefits both patients and healthcare providers. Key software systems can streamline your practice and provide the following advantages:

For Patients:

  • Reduce errors compared to paper documents
  • Ensure more accurate treatment and diagnosis
  • Provide access to better and quicker care
  • Offer the ability to monitor results and track data over time
  • Improve patient data privacy and security
  • Enable data-based decisions
  • Enable follow-up support (e.g., reminders, self-care suggestions, weblinks)
  • Provide access to records, lab results, and doctor’s notes, viewing of prescriptions, ability to request refills 

For Providers:

Ready to take your EMR integration to the next level? Let’s have a conversation.