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Anesthesia Medical Billing Services

Private-practice, hospital-owned, and university-based anesthesia facilities can rest assured they are in good hands with Coronis Health’s team of anesthesia medical billing and revenue cycle management experts who use the most innovative technologies and practices to maximize revenue.

At Coronis Health, we understand that the best way to increase cash flow while ensuring proper compliance is to partner with an experienced anesthesiology medical billing service provider. Our anesthesiology billers provide complete RCM services, from system integration to practice management, helping you reduce the risk of claim denial and delays and relieving your staff of the hassles of billing anesthesia services. We have the workforce and technology to provide the most current and innovative solutions to optimize the billing process, minimize errors, lower costs, and comply with the latest regulations.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Anesthesia Billing Services

Whenever you outsource any kind of service at your facility, it’s usually because of the convenience it can provide. Instead of managing anesthesia billing in-house, leaving it to the experts who can devote their time and attention to the task can benefit your business in many ways, including:

  • Improved Accuracy and Reduced Errors – Anesthesia billing and coding are different from traditional medical billing. By outsourcing billing to providers with an anesthesia-specific billing service, you can keep billing errors to a minimum, reduce denied or rejected claims, and maximize your reimbursement. By partnering with the experts, you can rest assured they are reporting time correctly and using the correct CPT codes and modifiers. A qualified provider will consistently keep up with the latest anesthesia codes, conversion factors, and regulations. 
  • Decreased Operational Costs – Outsourcing anesthesia medical billing services reduces staff turnover, staffing and training expenses, liabilities of additional IT equipment, advanced billing software, and continued education. An expert billing and revenue management team will also employ the right set of strategies for decreasing operational costs like staff onboarding expenses. 
  • Better Patient Care – By outsourcing your facility’s medical billing, you are freeing up your staff to focus on creating the best experience for your patients. Outsourcing medical billing gives your staff the ability to engage with patients without the stress of having to discuss a bill. With a better patient experience, you will see higher patient retention and satisfaction.
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Maximize Profits By Outsourcing Your Medical Billing

The biggest advantage of outsourcing your medical billing is increased cash flow. An expert billing team will support your bottom line because they have the skill, experience, expertise, access to advanced technology and software, and a proven track record of avoiding errors, decreasing your costs, and boosting your revenue.

Why Consider Coronis For Anesthesia Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

At Coronis Health, we know that your facility’s stability and growth heavily depend on your revenue cycle management’s efficiency. We also understand that the process of billing for anesthesia services can be burdensome for both patients and healthcare providers. Our medical billing services can relieve that burden. 

Coronis Health uses industry-leading technology combined with high-touch relationship-building to allow anesthesia groups to focus on patient care, maintain financial independence, and cultivate financial success. With more than 30 years of experience in practice and revenue cycle management, Coronis Health is ready to assist in evaluating your processes and workflows. 

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Our financial consultants will evaluate billing, reimbursement, and compliance operations at all levels. Our consultants can deliver solutions to maximize your revenue cycle and reduce costs while increasing the capabilities of your billing function. 

Not only do we take care of billing, but Coronis Health also works to improve every part of your revenue cycle. Our forward-thinking team of experts looks below the surface, identifying and helping you fix the workflow issues that negatively affect your reimbursements and providing tailored solutions to get you back on track and restore your bottom line. 

How Proactive RCM is Essential for Anesthesia Groups

Anesthesia revenue cycle management features unique intricacies and challenges. If your facility administers anesthesia, it is important to understand the RCM process. By eliminating errors, you can achieve positive revenue growth. Having a proactive RCM offers the following advantages:

Specialty Focus on Anesthesia Medical Billing

Partner with an anesthesia billing company that will push one-size-fits-all models to the wayside in favor of personalized and meaningful relationships with their clients. Working with a provider with a specialty focus on anesthesia medical billing means you get specialized tools, services, and technology tailored to the complexities associated with anesthesia. 

Anesthesia-focused medical billing services also enable you to select the level of support your facility needs –whether you need periodic, ongoing, or one-time basis assistance. Your medical billing partner will offer the support and strategies you need to minimize compliance risk and maximize your revenue, helping you stay financially independent and focused on what you do best.

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Questions About Anesthesia Medical Billing Services? Contact Coronis Health Today!

Outsourcing your billing services may seem like an expense your facility can’t afford, but in truth, it may be an investment your facility can’t live without. By outsourcing, you may find your revenue increases, your operations become more efficient, and your patients enjoy a higher level of care. Trust Coronis Health to bring you the best-in-class anesthesia medical billing services. Contact us to schedule your free financial check-up.