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Coronis Health’s anesthesia service group offers specialized solutions to anesthesia practices and direct access to the long-tenured executives leading this group.

As a client, you will have direct access to more than 60 years of combined anesthesia experience that our executives possess. By using industry-leading technology combined with high-touch relationship building, Coronis Health allows practices to maintain financial independence, cultivate financial success, and plan appropriately for the future.

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Our clients see an average of 8.6%
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– A comprehensive review of your complete revenue cycle
– Compare key metrics against competitors in your specialty
– Review patient and insurance A/R, charges, aged receivables, and fee schedules

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Specializing In Anesthesia Practices

100% Customer Retention: Never Lost a Client


“In the year following our transition to SupportMed, we experienced a 9.9% increase in our monthly net revenue compared to our prior billing company on similar billable units. “

Anesthesia Practice

“SupportMed, a Coronis Health company, provides excellent guidance and proactive assistance to our practice”

Anesthesia Practice Administrator
Washington State

“Since day 1, we have seen a major increase in productivity, collections, and AR follow-up. They have demonstrated their ability to adapt, be a great team member, strong customer support, and respond with kindness to our needs.”

49 Bed STACH
New Mexico

“Best billing service that I’ve used. Attentive to detail and always available.”

General and Bariatric Surgeon
Santa Monica, CA

“Coronis Health completely simplifies the process of medical billing. Top-notch!”

Hematologist and Medical Oncologist
Orlando, FL

“We are happy that we switched to Coronis Health. They are dependable and easy to reach. Our revenues since switching have improved and we gladly endorse them.”

Port St. Lucie, FL

“Seriously you guys really did an amazing job getting us up and rolling in record time! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m very grateful for you and your team!”

South Miami Recovery
Miami, FL

“Coronis has drastically changed the way we do medical billing. It’s like having a billing department in-house.”

Orthopedic Surgeon
Los Angeles, CA

“I want to sincerely thank all your team for getting all that AR that the prior biller left on the table. Truly and amazing accomplishment we greatly appreciate.”

Anesthesia Group Managing Partner
Washington State 

  • 20+

    Years in Business

  • 100+

    Years of Combined Experience

  • 20+


  • $400k+

    Claims Processed Per Year

  • 60+

    Team Members

  • $560000

    In Charges

  • $180000

    In Receipts

Size Matters! More is Always More!


Account Management
When we say “we’re a phone call away,” we mean it. You’re just one call from a US-based Account Manager who knows you on a first-name basis. No scrambling through files to get your name. We don’t put you in a box with other clients; you receive custom care and custom solutions.
Compensation/Distribution System Management
Ensuring correct compensation and distribution is a complicated process. But with our decades of experience, we have the knowledge and financial acumen to work with you to make sure distributions are correct and that you can easily reconcile your results versus the compensation rules your practice has employed.
Our consultants can deliver solutions that help you maximize your revenue cycle and optimize efficiencies to reduce costs, while increasing the value and effectiveness of your billing function.
Practice Management & Management Support
Coronis Health works closely with you to develop a customized set of strategies and practice management solutions to precisely meet the needs and goals of your business. Coronis provides a personalized and tailored approach to fit your needs. This is a personal touch you can’t get at "big box" medical billing companies.
EMR/Technology Integration
Coronis Health works with practices to help them select the best platform for their needs while helping maximize productivity and boosting the bottom line. Because we’re tech innovators with global capabilities, we are intimately familiar with all major EMR software.
Financial and Operations Analysis & Reporting
With more than 30 years of experience exclusively in the anesthesiology space, Coronis Health’s Anesthesiology Service Group knows how to take complex and often overlooked data and turn it into actionable intelligence.
Payer Credentialing
We work to make sure you’re credentialed and able to receive payment in a timely manner.
Revenue Cycle Management:
Coronis Health billing & revenue cycle management services ensure our clients with the absolute highest financial return. Because we’ve brought together the best leaders and innovators in the industry, we can deliver the best RCM value to you.

What Makes Us Different

Coronis Health is a global company with a personal, high-touch service. We brought the most innovative and thought-advancing leaders in anesthesia medical billing and revenue cycle management together to progress this industry into the modern, technological age.

  • Data-Driven Analysis and Consultation

    Numbers only tell half of a story and can often tell that half incorrectly. Our team has experience dealing with complex finances, scheduling, and distribution structures of anesthesia practices, and break down numbers to deliver the real story. When you get a report from us, the WHAT, WHY, and HOW are combined to give actionable intelligence so you can make the best decisions moving forward.

  • Best of the Best in Medical Billing

    Coronis Health comprises the top medical billers in the country pooling their global resources to bring customers the best in medical billing and revenue cycle management. With over 100 years of combined experience in various niches including independent and hospital-based anesthesia practices of all sizes, Coronis offers customers tailored solutions and high-touch relationships you won’t find at a “Big Box” medical billing company.

  • EMR/Technology Integration

    We are fully integrated with the latest software so we input coding instantly, and execute collections fast and efficiently. And because of our full transparency, you’ll know exactly how your numbers look and how they affect your business.

  • Focused On Your Financial Success

    Coronis Health goes after the last dollar using our seasoned team of tireless and tough negotiators. We work hard to get your last 10-15% of missing revenue. You’ll receive timely, relevant, and accurate information in a way you can understand. We don’t help you just get money, we help you financially grow.

  • Personalized Touch

    An experienced account manager based here in the United States who understands how to help your practice succeed. You aren’t just a number, you’re on a first-name basis and a phone call away from management. With our transparency guarantee, you see what we see.

Free Financial Checkup

– A comprehensive review of your complete revenue cycle
– Compare key metrics against competitors in your specialty
– Review patient and insurance A/R, charges, aged receivables, and fee schedules

More About Coronis Health

Sophisticated anesthesia practices, whether private-practice, hospital-owned, or University-based know that their most important financial asset is their billed services and accounts receivable. This asset needs to be safeguarded, well-organized, tightly managed, and carefully maintained by a professional team possessing a perfectionist approach to execution, accuracy, follow-up, and timeliness. And of critical importance, anesthesia practitioners need to remain constantly vigilant and compliant amid the changing chorus of governmental/carrier billing and documentation regulations and compliance requirements.