Ambulatory Surgery Centers

The complexity of billing for both inpatient and ambulatory surgery centers makes it difficult to ensure accuracy in the coding process. Don't lose revenue due to coding errors. 

An ambulatory surgery center is also known as an outpatient procedure center. In an ambulatory surgery center, procedures are performed on patients and are completed the same day, to a point where the patient can leave the facility immediately following surgery.

Both hospital billing and billing for ambulatory surgery use CPT codes in order to bill the procedures correctly. ICD-10 codes can only be used in cases of inpatient procedures. Knowing the code and to what procedure the codes correspond allows for more extensive and specified billing services.

What are Your Common Issues?

(And How Our Medical Billing Service Can Solve Them)


With surging COVID-19 infection rates and mandatory vaccinations on the rise, staffing issues present serious roadblocks for ambulatory surgery centers across the country. The challenges of the pandemic are already difficult enough without the added stress of maintaining a healthy administrative department. Outsourcing your medical billing department not only relieves this burden, it also ensures that collections aren’t slipping through the cracks. With decades of experience in the medical billing services industry, Coronis Health has top coders and billers that can take over your collections while you focus on your staff and patients.

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Are you getting your cost back on implants? While implants are staple services at many ambulatory surgery centers, the implant reimbursements are notoriously slow, which can result in lost time and revenue. It’s difficult to know whether implants are profitable for your facility without running a comprehensive reimbursement analysis. Our trained medical billers are experts at implant reimbursement analysis. By running a detailed analysis, we can help determine whether outsourcing or eliminating implants at your ASC will improve your cash flow.


Does your A/R keep growing? If so, you may not be coding and billing everything correctly at first, which extends the entire billing process. We have expert medical coders and billers who analyze each factor in the billing process, such as A/R collections, to help improve cash flow without putting additional work on your plate. Our goal is to help you work smarter, not harder.


With continuous changes to RCM software, many ambulatory surgery centers are finding it difficult to navigate these platforms while maintaining the daily operations at their facilities. We understand these frustrations and make it a point to stay up to date on the latest changes in RCM software. Our medical billing service professionals know how to use the latest RCM platforms and can help you navigate any software for more efficient processes. Contact Coronis today to find out how we can address your specific concerns and help your administrative processes run smoothly.

Why Coronis Health?

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Thought Leadership

We strive to be not just a vendor for our clients but a true resource. Our clients know that if they have a question or need advice around revenue cycle, we’re always there to help. We provide monthly education sessions for our providers in addition to 1 on 1 coaching around specific claims.

Best of The Best

Our team goes above and beyond to ensure our critical access hospital clients are receiving the best performance from our team. We constantly search for ways to improve our processes to ensure your revenue cycle is performing at the highest level.

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Unmatched Customer Support

We pick up the phone. It’s that simple. When our clients need a question answered, a report run, or help with a patient’s bill, we’re available. Our clients benefit from a team of people dedicated to their account who are always ready to assist.

Clean Claims

The key to keeping your AR down is to do the work on the front end. Our team goes the extra mile to ensure your claims go out clean. We accomplish this through thorough coding and documentation reviews. Our goal is to identify under coding, over coding, and lack of documentation prior to claim submission. This results in fewer denials, reduced AR, and improved collections.

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System Flexibility

We know that every critical access hospital has different needs and preferences when it comes to software. Coronis is system agnostic and works on almost every PM and EHR on the market. Coronis partners directly with many software vendors and can help our clients navigate selecting a system that meets the needs of their hospital.


Coronis is proud to be fully transparent in our work. We provide regular reporting and analytics so our critical access hospital billing clients can be confident knowing exactly what’s happening with their revenue cycle at all times. Coronis works diligently to be proactive in alerting clients of potential challenges, as well as making suggestions on how to be more profitable.

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Schedule your free financial checkup and learn how Coronis can help your ambulatory surgery center increase collections and improve cash flow.