McKesson & Coronis Health

Coronis Health and McKesson work together to enhance healthcare services, improve patient access, and optimize revenue for providers across all medical specialties. As one of the largest suppliers of clinical resources, healthcare solutions, medicine, and pharmaceutical supplies in the US, McKesson values its partnership with Coronis Health, which supports its ongoing expansion and delivery of exceptional global healthcare services.

Coronis Health: A Partner for Your Success

Coronis Health specializes in providing customized revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions to healthcare practices and facilities, using data-driven technology to simplify the process. With their expertise, healthcare providers can focus on delivering high-quality care, while Coronis works behind the scenes to help these facilities cultivate financial success.

You Care, We Collect

Maximize Your Earnings with Minimal Effort

Financial stability and independence are top priorities for all healthcare facilities, and Coronis Health understands what it takes to achieve those goals. By offering technology-driven solutions, experienced billing and RCM experts, and scalable options, Coronis relieves the administrative burden from providers, allowing them to focus on what they do best: delivering exceptional patient care.

Innovative Technology at Your Service

Coronis Health’s software-agnostic approach means they can quickly adapt to any client’s system and provide seamless integration. With advanced business intelligence, analytics software, and a robust practice management and medical billing system, Coronis ensures that clients collect every last penny for their services.

Personalized, Accessible, and Transparent

What sets Coronis Health apart is its ability to offer a personalized touch, even while processing more than 31 million claims for 7 specialized service groups. Each client is assigned a dedicated U.S.-based account manager, who they can reach out to at any time, ensuring transparency and accessibility at all times.

With Coronis Health as a partner, McKesson can continue to offer the best possible care to patients and achieve financial success.