Featured Employees

Coronis Health wouldn't be the industry-leading medical billing company it is today without its talented team. To show our appreciation for our revenue cycle management professionals, we're highlighting a new employee each month.

July 2023 — Ayanna Peters, Client Success Director, Physician

In this video, Coronis Health introduces their July 2023 Featured Employee of the Month, Ayanna Peters, Client Success Director for Physician.

“I really appreciate the support from management, especially Melody and Barbara, because their assistance with the transition of multi-pod into what it is today has been amazing to see.”

– Ayanna Peters

June 2022 — Cindy Chadd, Physician

In this video, Coronis Health introduces their June 2022 Featured Employee of the Month, Cindy Chadd, Cash Posting Specialist with Coronis Diagnostic.

“One of favorite things about Coronis is that we have a personal touch with [our] clients….All of them are different, and like different things, so we work hard to give them that personal touch.”

– Cindy Chadd

May 2022 — Abby Arnold, Physician

In this video, Coronis Health introduces their May 2022 Featured Employee of the Month, Abby Arnold, Physician.

“My biggest focus right now is making sure that my team has the tools and the people in order to meet our goals and needs and to continue to be their leader.”

– Abby Arnold

April 2022 — Melody Jajou, Director of RCM/Operations

In this video, Coronis Health introduces their April 2022 Featured Employee of the Month, Melody Jajou, Director of RCM/Operations.

“I love working with such a diverse community [at Coronis]. We have such educated, talented, hardworking individuals.”

– Melody Jajou

DECEMBER 2021 — Vaibhav Goel, AR Manager

Coronis Health's Featured Employee of the Month for December 2021

Meet Vaibhav (VG) Goel, AR Manager from our Global team.

Originally trained as a rocket scientist, VG now works primarily on our FQHC clients and is a shining example of the amazing work that happens from our Global team.

“Coming from aerospace engineering, getting into the RCM industry has been the most challenging and lucrative for me. There is tremendous opportunity to grow and tremendous knowledge to be absorbed. There are no limits when you talk about AI – I really enjoy it!”

– VG

NOVEMBER 2021 — MJ Flynn, Director of Business Intelligence and Analytics

Meet MJ Flynn, Director of Business Intelligence and Analytics at Coronis Health.

The embodiment of what a successful person can do at Coronis Health, MJ is having a definite impact on how we do business. The technology and automation he is helping bring to Coronis and our clients are absolutely the future.

“I think we are just at the beginning. Clients logging in and looking at their data will continue to grow. The automation we are building will continue to grow. We’re already at the forefront when it comes to technology, and I think the demand will continue to grow internally and externally with our clients.”

– MJ Flynn

OCTOBER 2021 — Natalie Herrera, Senior Account Manager

Meet Natalie Herrera, Senior Account Manager for the Physician group at Coronis Health.

With over 20 years of experience in medical billing, Natalie is an instrumental part of the Coronis Health account team keeping our clients happy! Her rapport with clients, relentless pursuit of self-improvement, and overall attitude are a model for others.

“I’m excited to be here. The opportunities are endless. I’m in it to win it. I’m learning the Coronis way, the global team, the hospitalists, and any other specialty that comes my way. No limits. I’m going to give it my all.”

– Natalie Herrera

AUGUST 2021 — Stacy Belon, HR Department & Member of the Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Council

Meet Stacy Belon, an HR Department employee at the Coronis Health headquarters in Sykesville, MD.

Stacy is also one of the members of our Diversity and Inclusivity Council. Stacy shares that the goal of the Diversity Council is “to develop policies and procedures, training and events, to bring awareness and foster inclusion in the workplace.” Watch Stacy’s full interview to learn more about the impact the Diversity Council is making at Coronis.

“The work the Diversity Council is doing is sending out surveys, trainings, and webinars. We’ve modified our job descriptions and requirements and we’ve promoted diversity holidays throughout the company.”

– Stacy Belon

JULY 2021 — Jeanie Ratliff, Patient Services Manager from Pathology & Lab

Meet Jeanie Ratliff, Patient Services Manager from Pathology & Lab. Jeanie works with patients and helps to handle any of the paper claims that can’t go out electronically, ensuring they are filed and sent out in a timely manner. She also helps with billing insurance, taking payments from patients when insurance couldn’t be billed, and so much more.

“I just have an amazing team right now. They do a fantastic job, the camaraderie that we have on our team is amazing. Probably about the best I’ve ever had with any company I’ve ever experienced. There’s a lot of great personalities that work really hard and get the work done together.”

– Jeanie Ratliff

June 2021 — Steve Loures, President of EMS Division

Meet Steve Loures, Co-founder of Coronis acquisition Revenue Guard and President of the Coronis Health EMS division. In this video, Steve shares his background in revenue cycle management, as well as how he first got into the emergency medical services industry. At the end of the video, Steve shares a fun fact about himself that not many people know!

MAY 2021 — Angela Darnell, Senior Revenue Cycle Account Manager

Meet Angela Darnell, the Senior Revenue Cycle Account Manager at Coronis Health. Angela successfully collaborates with clients, Coronis colleagues, and vendors to ensure our work efforts delight and deliver resolutions to our clients. In this Employee Spotlight, Angela shares with us her background and how she first got into the revenue cycle management field.

APRIL 2021 — Kayla Chancey, Operations Manager for the FQHC Service Group of Coronis Health

Meet Kayla Chancey, the Operations Manager for the FQHC Service Group of Coronis Health located in Providence, RI. In this video, Kayla shares with us what her role is with Coronis and what her journey with the organization has been like.

“What I really enjoy is working with people and seeing the lightbulb go on! I’d rather spend an hour with someone and look at claims and say, ‘All right, what’s the problem? What are some steps we can take to resolve the issue?’ And really see people grow and become more confident!”

– Kayla Chancey

MARCH 2021 — Trish Campbell, Compliance Manager & Chairperson for the Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Council

Meet Trish Campbell, Compliance Manager for the Coronis Behavioral Health Group in Del Ray Beach, FL, and chairperson for the Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Council.

The DE&I Council was formed to represent the outstanding multifaceted employees of Coronis because they are what makes Coronis great. We want to ensure sustainability, growth, and employee retention among individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds.

You can contact the council by reaching out to them at diversity@coronishealth.com.

MARCH 2021 — Ken Christensen, President of the Community Health Center Division

Meet Ken Christensen, President of Coronis’ Community Health Center Division. In Ken’s introduction, he shares his experience in the ever-evolving healthcare industry.

“Our team solely focuses on providing quality revenue cycle services to the federally-qualified health center space. The healthcare environment, as we know, continues to evolve. We have seen an increase in competition and complexity in payer policy. As such, we are thrilled to be a part of a larger, broader, more diverse organization in Coronis Health.”

– Ken Christensen

FEBRUARY 2021 — Evelyn Ramirez, Onboarding Manager for Coronis Physician’s Service Group

Meet Evelyn Ramirez, Onboarding Manager for Coronis Physician’s Service Groups in Chicago, IL. She started as a file clerk 17 years ago, then transferred to the billing department where she continued to challenge herself to grow and learn. With Coronis, Evelyn became part of the onboarding team, aka the Dream Team!

Her team is responsible for the successful onboarding of all new clients. Evelyn oversees the Hispanic ministries at her local church, volunteers regularly through community outreach programs, and connects parents with community resources.

“In the future, I see a very fun and successful Coronis Health summit with lots of educational workshops being led by our Coronis staff on best practices and industry standards. I want to see staff there, clients, prospective clients, other companies and our technology partners!”

– Evelyn Ramirez

JANUARY 2021 — Wendy Garcia, Vice President of Operations for the Anesthesia Department

Meet Wendy Garcia, Vice President of Operations for Coronis’ Anesthesia Department. Wendy has been with SupportMed for 19 years, 1 of those years being with Coronis Health. Adjusting & adapting to technology has helped her foster a positive and fun work environment.

Wendy believes in providing a boutique experience for all of her clients and likes to make everyone on her team feel appreciated because they are a big part of the anesthesia service group’s success.

Being part of the Coronis team makes the future look bright! She is excited about the automation that has become a part of her day-to-day, as well as being able to leverage all of the resources Coronis Health has to offer.

“My management skills have been taught to me by my team. They’ve taught me to be the manager I am today, they are the biggest reason for our success.”

– Wendy Garcia