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Plexus Technology Group (Plexus TG) is a software solutions company that helps automate anesthesia documentation by integrating the perioperative workflow. 

Plexus TG is now part of Coronis Health. The technology company was a subsidiary of worldwide medical billing company MiraMed Global Services, which recently merged with Coronis to provide comprehensive business solutions and revenue cycle management services to anesthesia providers throughout the United States. Plexus TG’s proprietary technology is a key component of the new partnership.

Designed by an anesthesiologist, Plexus TG’s flagship product, Anesthesia Touch™, is a full-featured, scalable, easy to use, anesthesia information management system (AIMS) that works as a native iPad iOS application that made its debut on the first-generation iPad in 2010. 

In addition to providing a state-of-the-art AIMS solution, Plexus TG offers real-time integration, enhanced mobility, automatic vital sign capture, and extensive quality data analytics.

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Plexus TG’s Anesthesia Touch is an automated medical record-keeping system that streamlines the capture of real-time anesthesia data throughout the perioperative process, enabling anesthesia providers to deliver safe, effective care to patients. Built for anesthesia providers, anesthesia physician groups, ambulatory surgery centers, hospitals, and office-based surgery settings, Anesthesia Touch is built to go anywhere.

It has the following components:

  • Anesthesia Preoperative Evaluation System
  • Anesthesia Consent
  • Intraoperative Anesthesia Record-keeping System
  • Anesthesia Postoperative Evaluation
  • Administration Web Interface

Anesthesia Touch’s underlying architecture and innovative user interface are unrivaled. It is integrated into your facility’s registration and scheduling system, enabling the application to identify and retrieve important patient information, such as demographics, allergies, medications, and medical conditions; in the OR, it integrates with monitoring devices and machines to automatically record vitals and clinical data.  Additionally, it is integrated out of the box with the Coronis Health revenue cycle management solution to streamline the delivery of clinical documentation or billing. 

Charting is fast and efficient, with purpose-built screens and documentation macros for pre-operative, anesthesia, and post-operative records; there is no need to “hunt and peck” to find or document information.

The Plexus Technology Group Story

Plexus Technology Group (Plexus TG) was launched by an esteemed anesthesiologist in 2009. The company started as a subsidiary of MiraMed Global Services. Plexus TG has helped individual anesthesia providers, anesthesia physician groups, ambulatory surgery centers, and hospitals improve efficiencies and streamline essential OR processes with innovative technology. 

Plexus Technology Group
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Plexus Technology Group & Coronis Health

Plexus TG and Coronis Health have united in delivering full integration and easy-to-use scalable solutions to anesthesia facilities. Along with MiraMed, Plexus TG and Coronis Health are working together to transform the industry of anesthesia information management, preoperative assessments, medication management, and post-operative recovery software for anesthesia providers.