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Plexus Management Group (PMG) is a practice management and consulting services organization that manages, identifies, and solves the operational, financial and strategic challenges that health care facilities and physician groups face today.

Plexus Management Group (PMG) along with its affiliate and parent companies, Anesthesia Business Consultants (ABC) and MiraMed Services, Inc., have all merged with Coronis Health

PMG differentiates itself in that its service portfolio is intended to allow the clinicians at its client organizations to focus on their clinical services while they are supported through PMG’s resources in finance/accounting, payroll, HR, data analysis, facility credentialing, recruiting support, facility negotiations, contract analysis and strategic guidance. 

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Through PMG, organizations are provided not only business management services, but can also expand those services, in partnership with ABC, to a full range of customized billing needs for physician practices with a specific focus on the practice of anesthesia and pain management. PMG and ABC have processed in excess of $20 billion in healthcare claims annually for over 1,000 hospitals and 20,000 physician providers. 


PMG has always distinguished itself in the marketplace by virtue of its team of professionals, and its assiduous focus on process improvement. PMG provides “high touch” management and consulting services to its client organizations and has extended its talents within the ABC family of clients to provide a full level of management consulting services. This disciplined approach to process review and refinement has made the organizations successful as providers of outsourced billing and practice management services. The increasing complexities of managing a successful anesthesia practice, necessitate a practice turning to PMG and ABC as it navigates the turbulent waters of healthcare today.

The PMG Story

Founded in 1998, PMG provides comprehensive business management services to more than 35 physician practices. In 2015, the company was acquired by MiraMed Global Services, which is now partnered with Coronis Health

Originating as a sole service provider for Anesthesia Associates of Massachusetts, PMG’s reputation for excellent management of a full range of business services created opportunities to extend PMG’s practice management services to other physician groups and healthcare facilities. 

Plexus Management Group, Inc.
One University Ave, Suite 104
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Plexus Management Group & Coronis Health

Plexus Management Group and Coronis Health have merged to deliver the most comprehensive revenue cycle and business management services to anesthesia providers throughout the nation. The pair’s dedication to end-to-end management ensures health care providers have the time and resources to focus on what matters most: their patients.

PMG, as part of Coronis Health, will serve as your partner, providing effective, lasting solutions to your most complex business issues.