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Medac is a fully integrated, privately held anesthesia revenue cycle management company that provides reliable and innovative anesthesia business and technology solutions that enrich our clients’ lives.

Now partnered with Coronis Health, Medac provides business management services and information products to anesthesia facilities. 

Medac’s services are designed to assist anesthesia clients with their business management functions, particularly billing and collections. Along with Coronis, Medac allows anesthesia providers and hospitals to focus on providing quality care to their patients. The company’s results-oriented commitment to clients provides the most comprehensive and personalized service possible while optimizing reimbursement. 

Supported by core values of integrity, accountability, quality, and results, Medac provides comprehensive anesthesia business and technology solutions that improve the lifestyle, productivity, and profitability of clients and enhances their focus and ability to provide quality anesthesia care, better anesthesia outcomes, and greater patient satisfaction.

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Coronis and Medac employ a team of accounts receivable professionals, account representatives, anesthesia revenue cycle management professionals, and practice management professionals to service each client confidently, efficiently, and profitably. Through ongoing attendance at seminars and training programs, the reimbursement teams stay abreast of the latest regulatory changes in the insurance industry, which ensures virtually error-free coding — key in eliminating the physician’s threat of fraud.

Like Coronis Health, Medac provides superior results through three core philosophies:


Medac’s RCM software platform, F1RSTKAM, is designed exclusively for anesthesia and pain management providers. The system is specifically designed to improve efficiency in both handling of bills and the percentage of bills recovered.


Medac’s philosophy of steady growth as an anesthesia revenue cycle management firm and its position and reputation in the medical community are built on high-quality performance and personalized service. Medac is a service-oriented company utilizing a staff of highly skilled and trained anesthesia reimbursement professionals to assist in the management of clients’ accounts receivable.


As an industry leader in billing and collections, Medac is able to maximize reimbursements from the insurance carriers and makes the extra effort to file secondary and tertiary insurance claims as well as resubmit all unpaid claims.


The Medac Story

Launched in 1992, Medac was founded by Bijon and Kam Memar, sons of an experienced physician. The pair understood the complexities of running a physician practice and the additional challenges that hospital-based physicians face. This understanding was the birth of a remarkable vision. Originally headquartered in Augusta, Georgia, an area with a thriving medical community and access to a trained and stable workforce, Bijon and Kam built Medac.  

Medac, now headquartered in North Augusta, South Carolina, has evolved into the most comprehensive anesthesia revenue cycle management partnership available to anesthesia and pain physicians nationwide.  

As the leader in medical technology, regulatory compliance, managed care contracting, and practice management, Medac soon became one of the nation’s largest, independently owned, anesthesia revenue cycle management companies dedicated exclusively to anesthesia and pain management. 


150 Bluff Ave. N

Augusta, SC 29841

Medac & Coronis Health

Medac and Coronis Health have merged to expand their footprint in revenue cycle management for anesthesia facilities across the country. Their partnership allows anesthesia providers to take advantage of worry-free billing, practice management, and state-of-the-art technology.