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You Care, We Collect

Our mission is simple: to grow your medical practice’s revenue.

Our primary service is handling your billing and collections, and we have consistently achieved results above industry standards for important benchmarks like days in A/R and Net Collection Percentage. The science of medicine is hard enough. The science of profitably delivering care is another discipline altogether.

At KSL, we believe your focus is medicine, while our focus is exclusively the business of medicine. Because of our focus and years of experience, we have developed a proven methodology for every step of the revenue cycle, selected the best Practice Management System and Electronic Medical Record technology, and hand-picked and developed a top-flight talented team. The result is a system that consistently generates profitable returns for your practice.

We will help you collect money you have already earned, so the end result is that your job becomes easier and more efficient and your bottom line increases.

Why KSL?

If you are contemplating outsourcing, we recommend you allow us to conduct a formal analysis of your practice to see if outsourcing is appropriate for your practice. An outsourcing arrangement must ensure that the dollars invested generate a positive return. That is, you should outsource to boost revenue, increase your cash flow, or save money.

Automation by itself does not solve the problem. It can only work if the practice’s underlying revenue cycle processes are sound, from collecting accurate information and verifying coverage, to properly submitting bills and following up on unpaid patient balances and denied claims.

The KSL Advantage:

  • The right experience.
  • The right software and technology.
  • The best people.
  • The “best practices” policies.
  • Exceptional customer service.

KSL brings you caring, hardworking people who treat your account as their business, providing value-added services tailored to help your operation run more efficiently. More than “billing only” competitors, KSL maximizes your revenue and profits. That’s the KSL advantage.

If increasing your profitability were as simple as increasing volume, we would simply advise you to take on more patients. Instead, our approach is designed to help you capture reimbursement for the work you are already doing – revenue you are entitled to – but may be slipping through your fingers, due to errors or oversights.

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Solutions and Services

  • Charge entry (via superbill, PDA, or integrated EMR)
  • Claims submission and clearinghouse management
  • Payment receipt and bank deposits
  • Payment posting
  • Accounts receivable (AR) status reporting and denial code reporting
  • Complete AR management, follow-up, and appeals
  • Patient statements
  • Data entry of patient demographic and insurance information (optional)
  • Processing of all secondary claims
  • Development of protocols for data entry at physician offices
  • Benchmark reports and ongoing reports on AR collection rates
  • Monthly reporting and detailed custom reports

Billing and Collections

While You Practice Medicine, We Take Care of Your Revenue Stream

At the heart of KSL’s services are billing and collections. While you practice medicine, we take care of your revenue stream. We can uncover lost revenue, decrease days in Accounts Receivable, and increase your cash flow.

Medical Billing is as Complex as Medicine Itself

Optimizing your practice’s revenues is much more than submitting the right claims. We look at the entire process from the very beginning of when a charge is first entered, through claims auditing and editing by the biller, claims submission, claims to monitor, and ultimately receipt of payment.

We Manage Your Insurance Contracts So You Don’t Have To

As a physician, you want to maximize your revenue and make sure you are getting paid what you deserve. KSL will assist you in navigating the managed care landscape.

We Streamline the Credentialing Process

With all the other functions that practice managers, physicians, and facilities must address in running a medical practice, it can be cumbersome to maintain credentialing applications for physicians and allied professionals. Functions that we provide to you:

Management Services and Consulting

KSL offers full management services and consulting, if necessary. One of the advantages of working with KSL is that we can tailor our services to suit your unique circumstances.

This includes the full range of management services, including all aspects of business planning and support, negotiations, strategic planning, administrative support, HR oversight, and operational analysis.

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We Help You Manage the Coding

Coding and compliance can be an exciting field full of research and investigation. It is one of the most vital elements of a “best practices” billing company. Our certified coders are ready and willing to lend their expertise.

KSL coders are ready to assign ICD-10 and CPT codes based on documentation. We can also provide coding audits and education, in addition to just being a resource here for you.

Our Team

Michael Linder – KSL President and CEO

Mike Linder has more than 30 years of executive leadership and healthcare management experience, primarily with physician groups. He has held the title of CEO for the past 24 years in two organizations, including KSL. He earned an MBA from Case Western Reserve University. Prior to working in the healthcare industry, he spent 4 years as a CPA at a Big Six accounting firm.
Mike is experienced in all aspects of physician practices, including private and hospital-affiliated practices. His expertise extends beyond typical practice management and billing to include managed care contracting, physician initiatives and joint ventures, business development, and acquisitions.

Samantha Hood – Operations Manager

Samantha Hood joined the KSL team in 2014. She has a diverse background that brings a new perspective to KSL. Samantha works in all areas at KSL, from HR to platform set up.

Maggie Huffman – Data Analyst

Maggie Huffman has been working in Medical Billing since 2000 and started at KSL as a Billing Clerk in May 2006. She has worked her way up and has held the positions of Team Lead and Account Manager before her current position of Data Analyst. Maggie is grateful to have such a splendid work family to see every day.

Vicki Talley – Billing Manager

Vicki Talley has been with KSL as a billing manager since 2004. Prior to that, she spent nine years at a national medical billing company overseeing multiple clients and supervising staff. Vicki became a Certified Professional Coder in 2000 and maintains that certification. She is ICD-10 certified.
In her 25+ years in the medical billing field, Vicki has worked on various specialties including Cardiology, Anesthesiology, Gastroenterology, OB-GYN, Hospitalists, and Orthopedics. Vicki oversees everything Cardiology at KSL and is a valuable asset to our team.

Michaele Hall – Billing Manager

Michaele joined KSL in March 2015, assuming responsibility for managing and supervising billing and receivables for Orthopedic, OB/GYN, and Internal Medicine practices. Although relatively new to the KSL team, she has 24 years of experience in the medical billing industry.

Michaele has a B.A. in Business Administration from Saint Louis University. She obtained her Certified Professional Coder status in 2005. Prior to joining KSL, Michaele was employed by SLUcare, Washington University, and Barnes Physicians Group. Her areas of expertise include OB/GYN, Internal Medicine, and Otolaryngology.

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