How Coronis Health Cleared A 20,000 COVID Billing Backlog In 15 Days

Throughout the pandemic, Coronis Health has quickly become the designated expert for COVID testing billing. We’re trusted to handle tens of thousands of claims because of our experience and innovative mindset. A new client who came to us just a few months ago in the heart of the pandemic was able to clear an insurmountable backlog, streamline processes, and capture vital new revenue streams. 

“We began COVID testing in the middle of May. As we grew and hit 1,000 new COVID tests a day, our old outsourced billing company could not keep up with the demand. We soon had a 20,000 claim backlog and came to Coronis Health for help. Within 15 business days, Coronis Health caught up on the backlog and the day-to-day billing. Coronis worked with us to update reacquisition forms, internal processes, and manage growth within new business lines related to COVID, including telehealth, rapid COVID tests, drive through clinics, and nursing home care.

-Large Group in the Midwest

But how did we do it? Through innovation, an entrepreneurial mindset, and focusing on relationships. 

How We Cleared the 20,000 Test Backlog 

With COVID surging, testing is still on the rise. This avalanche can bury your billing department in claims processing and leave you without vital revenue. Coronis Health is a medical billing company uniquely suited to help you clear your billing backlog, recover critical payment, and even build out new revenue streams in the process. We cleared a 20,000 test backlog in two weeks. Here’s how we did it. 

Technological Innovation and Rapid Onboarding 

We were able to clear the backlog due to using technology to automate charge pass-through from the LIS. Combined with an offshore team working 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, the client has a dedicated onboarding team as well as a focused revenue cycle team both onshore and offshore. 

Coronis Health has experts in the COVID-19 space and understands utilizing tools such as the HRSA portal as well as payers flexibilities.

Coronis Health is an experienced innovator in the medical billing field. Because of our familiarity with all significant platforms, we can be plugged in and ready to take over your backlog in a matter of days. This edge was vital for our partner, whose backlog was only growing and risking the facility’s very solvency. 

Our experience and know-how mean we can dive into whatever software you’re using and immediately fix backlogs. Other companies crumble under pressure; Coronis Health thrives in it.  

Beyond our technological expertise, we have great relationships with every major insurance carrier. These relationships mean we can help you navigate the red tape and get your claims cleared and reimbursed, providing vital revenue that will enable you to provide quality care while growing in this uncertain time.  

Expanding Into Telehealth & New Revenue Streams

We are a full-service billing and management company. Beyond medical billing, our 30+ years of experience means we help your practice with billing, practice management, and revenue cycle optimization. We believe in a holistic approach since every part of your practice affects the other. While getting a handle on the COVID backlog was vital, we also navigated this client into new revenue streams. We helped clear up internal processes, manage redundancies, and grow the business.

COVID has presented so many opportunities for labs and facilities to grow; you only need the guidance to do it. Coronis Health assisted our new partner in finding new opportunities within the testing arena. And because we cleared their backlog in two weeks and kept it at bay, we were able to help the client expand into:

And with COVID’s next wave barreling towards us, this client and others will be prepared to adjust and thrive as testing ramps up, avoiding another backlog while engaging in new revenue streams. 

Relationships Build Success 

The truth is that when you scale up your medical billing partner, you often gain efficiency at the expense of losing that personal touch. With Coronis Health, the opposite is true. We are an agile company with global capabilities but a personal touch. Our relationship-centric approach means we will not give you a one-size-fits-all solution. Even in this pandemic, each client will need customized, scalable solutions that meet their immediate needs and help hit long-term goals. 

Clients grow with us because Coronis Health offers a hands-on, tech-forward approach to billing: 

You’re a phone call away from a US-based account executive who can answer any question and deliver timely answers and vital results that match the speed of your practice.  

Not only are we there to answer questions and build your company, but we are also heavily invested in education and informing our clients about the latest advancements in medical revenue cycle management. 

Choose Coronis Health For Your COVID Billing Needs 

Join dozens of labs, private practices, and medical facilities who have turned to Coronis Health to fulfill their billing needs during this stressful time. With proven solutions, a relationship-focused approach, and full-service beyond medical billing, Coronis Health can help you clear backlogs, keep revenue streams consistent, and even find new ways to grow your practice sustainably. To learn more, contact one of our US-based account managers today.

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